Hopp til innholdet


We are constantly looking for restructuring opportunities within the retailindustry in Scandinavia, including bankruptcies and companies in seriousdistress. Our approach is based upon a deep understanding of both the financialand operational challenges of corporate turnarounds.

 Investments are made only in cases where significant influence can be achieved, either through majority ownership or through agreements with other shareholders. We employ a broad toolkit to stabilize and restructure the business. Our investment team has extensive operational, strategic and financialexpertise and a broad industrial network.

We see solutions where we spot a strategically attractive core, with financial opportunites and typically undervalued assets, and where we see potential for operational improvements. We are prepared to close down businesses or parts if strategically necessary. During turnarounds we normally take active roles in our portfolio companies, either as board members or interim CEOs / CFOs.

JFP will keep well performing turnarounds for the long term and develop these further. JFP is managing the partners´capital and there is no requirement to exit.
Typically, JFP will after the initial restructuring of the business establish a longer term plan for development and sustainable value creation.