Jotunfjell Partners AS


Established in 2001, JFP has over the years developed a track record as an active owner of Scandinavian retail businesses, in particular in the textile and fashion areas.

Our current key holdings include Airport Retail Group (ARG), a leading Nordic operator of fashion and duty-free stores with presence in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the UK  In 2010, ARG expanded into the department store segment through the acquisitions of a majority share of the retail operations at Steen & Strøm Magasin in Oslo. ARG also operates three outlet stores in Norway and Sweden

Other key holdings include Elite Foto  (A Norwegian franchise photo chain),

Panorama Group (a wholesale, retail gold jewelry operator)

Pagelle (a Swedish fashion retail chain) and 50% of Camilla Malmstrøms (a Swedish fashion retail Chain)


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