Jotunfjell Partners AS


Established in 2001, JFP has over the years developed a track record as an active owner of Scandinavian retail businesses, in particular in the textile and fashion areas.

Our current key holdings include Airport Retail Group (ARG), a leading Nordic operator of fashion and duty-free stores with presence in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the UK. In 2010, ARG expanded into the department store segment through the acquisitions of a majority share of the retail operations at Steen & Strøm Magasin in Oslo. ARG also operates an outlet store in Norway.

Other key holdings include:

  • Elite Foto  (A Norwegian franchise photo chain),
  • Gullfunn Group (a wholesale, retail gold jewelry operator)
  • Beha Group (heating manufacturer and wholesale)
  • Pagelle (a Swedish fashion retail chain)
  • Enklere Liv Group (a wholesale, retail functional equipment operator)
  • ARG Brands (private label fashion design and distributor)
  • Rygge Low Cost Airport (airport at Rygge, Moss)
  • Rail Infrastructure AS (railroad entrepreneurs)

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